Vincent, Emmanuel T., ”Leadership and Tomorrow: Why Staying is the Best Model.” Times 2 Academy, Providence School District. Students drop out of school for a number of different reasons—and it’s typically a combination of… How can Times 2 students sustain the course for successful graduation? Seminars specifics included the year in review, challenges & obstacles students encounter their final year of school on the road to graduation. Innovative collaborative practices and tools to get students motivated for the journey ahead.


Vincent, Emmanuel T., “Civic Leadership: Be the Change You Wish to See.” Academy for Career Exploration, Textron Chambers Academy, Providence School District. Is there a critical need for student leaders? This interactive seminar allowed students to explore the difference between the Shared Leadership Model vs. the Traditional Leadership Model. Students designed theoretical leadership concepts of their high school years and the positive results projection planning can have on their College Years. Group simulations explored perspectives and differences between Leadership and Mentoring and resources for Student Leadership Development?


Vincent, Emmanuel T., “The IEP Process: Communications Disorders Seminar at Springfield College.” The IEP creates an awesome opportunity for teachers, parents, school administrators, related services personnel, and students (when appropriate) to work together in tandem to improve educational results for children with disabilities. An interactive seminar where participants understand the rights of parents and responsibilities of educators in the IEP process, learn what an IEP should look like in order to ensure that a student’s needs are met, understand team member roles in the IEP meeting and process, and learn how to use goals and objectives to deliver instruction in the least restrictive environment.


Vincent, Emmanuel T., and Davis-Delano, Linda. “Emerging Models: “Starbucks and Green Tea, Innovative, Collaborative and Technological Approaches to Coaching Pre-service Candidates.” MACTE/COMTEC/MAECTE Spring Conference.Seminar specifics centered on Innovative, Collaborative and Technological Approaches to Coaching Pre-service Candidates (AAC/AT), utilization of Moodle platform for disseminating critical information for the student in the field. Collaborative perks technology can have when implements adequately for special needs students, parents and etc.