“Prudent in minding the earth store, vigilant to leave an unobtrusive footprint on the world.” Dr. Emmanuel T. Vincent  – Executive and Managing Consultant – Pinkgrape Consulting

Dr. Vincent is an entrepreneurial, resourceful, organic administrator with 16 yrs. experience leading faculty and scholars. An accomplished professional with proficiency and exemplary record of improving educational/operational performance through vision, leadership, and team building in developing and implementing school improvements and curriculum programs that impact accomplishment of district-wide strategic planning goals.

Experience with mastery-based permeable school model that engages scholars with post-secondary constructivist learning opportunities/approaches, authentic project-based coding experiences, and blended learning methods. A dedicated instructional leader with a strong, decisive, and established constructivist teaching approach. Extensive training and expertise in special education & administration, coaching, observation, and supervision (TKES) of education professionals.


Dr. Vincent is a Massachusetts Education Policy Fellow (EPFP), a Carnegie Fellow, a Springfield College Writing Fellow and a Fulbright Fellow who studied educational leadership trends in Costa Rica, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Japan,  and Nicaragua.

He has a Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.) from Johnson & Wales University, a Masters of Education (M.Ed.) in Administration, Middle and Secondary School Principal from Providence College, a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Educational Leadership (CAGS) from Johnson & Wales University, a Masters of Education in Special Education (M.Ed.), Mild to Moderate Mid/Sec Level from Providence College, and Bachelor of Arts in Public and Professional Communications & English Literature from Rhode Island College.

  • Charter Schools and Students with Disabilities (LD, BD, and ED)
  • Curricula for Literacy Education
  • Uses and Implications of New Educational Technologies
  • Culturally Responsive Curricula.
  • Charter School Boards and The Principal: Administration Vs. Oversight
  • Resource Equity and School Funding Issues: Public Vs. Charter Schools
  • Gendered Curricula and Pedagogies

Dr. Vincent has worked with many Fortune 500 companies in leadership, sales, and marketing, management, and sustainability. In addition to his educational and research responsibilities, Dr. Vincent has a passion for international travel and takes every opportunity to immerse himself in global trends in education and education leadership.