Sanctuary! (sanc·tu·ar·y) – noun – a place of refuge or safety.

Starting kindergarten can be both exciting or stressful for parents and scholars. One in four scholars who starts kindergarten is not ready for their first day in the classroom. We want to take the guesswork out of entering kindergarten and make starting school an exciting, successful and awesome experience for our scholars.

The Kindergarten Cohort™ program sets the stage for scholars to have a positive, rewarding and fresh start on their new journey. At Pinkgrape Consulting it is our firm belief the celebration of learning should permeate through every facet of students educational experience. Celebrating lifelong learning supported by our seven habits of scholarships is an essential component in allowing our scholars the means to navigate the educational terrains towards academic proficiency seamlessly.

The Kindergarten Cohort™ program is an interactive, best practices-driven bridge program designed to facilitate and prepare parents and scholars transitioning from Pre-K to Kindergarten and beyond with ease. The Kindergarten Cohort™ Program eases the transition process for both scholars and parents in their new neighborhood charter school into kindergarten.

The Kindergarten Cohort™ program is not a Pre-K program, rather it’s a kindergarten program which provides/delivers supplemental service to new/emerging scholars/parents with vibrant resource-rich experience to emerging scholars/parents in transitioning to Kindergarten. The Kindergarten Cohort™ features six interactive professional development sessions over the academic school year. Parent receive in-depth, interactive, and best practices-driven training to ensure a seamless integration.

Parents Academy Training Focus:

  • Planning For Success: Home & School Communication
  • Encourage active parent participation in student learning.
  • Literacy Parent Workshop(s)
  • Successful Parent-Teacher Conferencing
  • Building Strong Families: Teaching Children Good Behavior
  • Technology to Support Student Instruction at Home
  • Behavior Management: Stressors which impacts Educational and Academic Environment., and more

Targeted Individualized Small Group Instruction

We provide targeted individualized small group instruction designed to educate the whole child in an atmosphere which nurtures and promotes student growth and independence; allowing the student to grow intellectually, socially emotionally and physically. Individualized lesson provided in small and whole groups target the individual student strength and weakness. The routines and rituals are designed to complement and foster a sense and curiosity about learning at their personal level complemented by our bridges (art, music, technology, physical education, and foreign language) offering strategically designed to target/augment students modality of learning.

It’s Ok To Make Mistakes

Exemplary, recognized and acceptable schools acknowledge the cornerstone of any quality organizations impact on learning is mediated through the design of emerging and innovative programs to sustain its lifeblood. Establishing a pervasive culture of teaching and learning in institutions with healthy learning environments is essential in allowing students to achieve higher in every category.

Specifics of this plan will focus on creating a hospitable, collaborative and functional climate in order that safety, a cooperative spirit and other foundations of fruitful interaction prevail. Working with scholars as they begin to develop adaptive habits. Our learning strategies focus on students strategic and metacognitive abilities in relations to their activities. Specifically approaches to project-based activities and satisfying those opportunities.

We facilitate the path towards becoming independent and self-governing with specifics individualized strategies centric to the individual student progressively designing a path for them to become independent in every aspect of their kindergarten experience. We incorporate Free play which allows students to develop their independent communication skills as they relate to others all in the ebb and flow as they learn more about themselves. We encourage measurable mistakes and foster risk-taking during whole group instruction and workshops by providing an educational environment where it is safe to take chances.

Program Goals

Emphasis will focus on continuously assessing novel ways of blending 21st-century learning/e-learning tools with functional hands-on collaborative educational approaches in sustaining scholar/parent leadership initiatives while supporting, empowering and encouraging educators to incorporate the universal didactic design of learning in exploiting the wide array of research-driven pedagogical instructional strategies at their disposal. Essential goals will seek to empower parents, teachers and scholars to be a change agent, continuously looking at the big picture when changes are a necessity, watchful for an opportunity to strategically and collaboratively implement the necessary academic supports to systemically achieve expeditious results.

Strategic Focus

  • Provide a resource-rich experience for scholars and parents transitioning from Pre-K to Kindergarten
  • Create a learning experience centered around play
  • Ensure scholars understand our habits of Scholarship
  • Incorporate experiential learning
  • Provide parents seminars through our Parent Academy on aspect of
    • Parent and teacher communication
    • Academic
    • Social
    • Physical
    • Cognitive

The Kindergarten Cohort™ Informational

We invite you to join us in pushing the educational boundaries of our scholars. If you are looking for a program that places the needs of scholars first in every aspect of their educational journey, then The Kindergarten Cohort™ program is for you. Call for a brief consultation and bring your learning environment to the next level.