Children face a rapidly changing society with new social, economic, ecological and political challenges. The school environment designed to facilitate student’s development and acquisition of learning in relation to the physical, social and emotional, approaches to learning, thinking, and communication and language is every bit as important. Being physically healthy, mentally alert, emotionally sound, socially competent and ready to learn is integral in the developmental milestone of a child.

Developmental Milestones
Developmental milestones are behaviors or physical skills seen in infants and children as they grow and develop. Rolling over, crawling, walking, and talking.  These milestones are different for each age range as there is a normal range in which a child may reach each milestone.

Recent research confirms that the first five years is particularly important for the development of the child’s brain, and the first three years (Sensorimotor/Preoperational) is the most critical in shaping the child’s brain architecture. Early experiences provide the base for the brain’s organizational development and functioning throughout life. They have a direct impact on how children develop learning skills as well as social and emotional abilities.

PinkGrape Consulting works with Pre-K providers to design strategies in meeting the intellectual (or cognitive) development needs of students.  We provide strategies to meet each developmental stages:

  • Sensorimotor – Birth through ages 18-24 months.
  • Preoperational – Toddlerhood (18-24 months) through early childhood (age 7)
  • Concrete operational – Ages 7 to 12.
  • Formal operational – Adolescence through adulthood.

Our strategies are designed to help facilitate a positive and sustained impact on teacher, parent and student learning, allowing the organization a sense of purpose, clarity, and excitement in fulfilling their mission, vision and value.


  • Executive Leadership Training
  • Professional Development – Teachers and Faculty
  • Research-Based Curriculum Aligned to K-12 Standards
  • Personnel
  • Compliance
  • Recruiting and Retention
  • Policy and Procedures
  • Hiring and Interview Practices
  • Curriculum
  • Teacher Observation
  • Branding – Marketing – Communication
  • Learning Centers
  • Lesson Plans
  • Before and After School Programs
  • Enrichment Programs
  • Emerging, Creative and Innovative Programs
    • Art Therapy
    • Yoga
    • Meditation