Governance Training

Gain hands-on knowledge and tools that will help you confidently fulfill your governance and legal responsibilities.  Learn the ropes of school boardsmanship and discover how school board members can impact student achievement. This is a full-day six-hour workshop for seasoned and newly elected school board members.

Take away:

  • A better understanding of the board-superintendent relationship,
  • Key operational procedures for board meetings,
  • Open Meetings Law, and legal rights,
  • Risks and responsibilities.

Essentials of School Board Governance you will learn:

  • The boards’ role in student achievement
  • The dynamics of the board-superintendent relationship
  • How policy is developed and used by the board
  • Key legal parameters such as the Open Meetings Law
  • How data is used by school boards in decision making

This training is comprised of four modules:

  • Module A:  The Importance and Purpose of School Boards
  • Module B:  School Board Members’ Rights, Risk, and Responsibilities
  • Module C:  Policy and Board Operations
  • Module D:  Using Data to Ensure Accountability and Improve Student Achievement
Note: Once completed, the six-hour training does not have to be repeated, however, due to changing laws and regulations it is a good idea to re-take the course, especially for returning to board service.