Charter School Challenges

Charter school have their own challenges. These challenges can range from facility management, family involvement, coordination of compliance programs, strategic and crisis management support, policy and procedures. PGC provides targeted support to meet your immediate need by creating the highest level of efficiency possible within your organization to maximize the profit of an organization. We work with your management team to balance costs with revenue to achieve the highest net operating profit possible. What makes our teaching team unique is the level of institutional experience and knowledge we bring to market. In fact, our experience ranges from public charter school parents, public charter school teachers, public charter school principals as well as state consultants.

Here are a few areas in which we can support your school: 
Facility Management

Utilizing a school-based system (collaboratively developed), our team will provide inspections of the exterior and interior of the school to provide a full inspection report for the head of school and board. With approval, we will research, recommend and arrange for a credible contracted services team to carry out the necessary maintenance and repairs.

Family Involvement Coordination

Since parent and community engagement is critical to building an effective public charter school, our team will help you build and sustain engaging family outreach programs. This support will range from collaborating of ideas, sharing best practices from other public charter schools, to full preparation of themed events (i.e. STEM Activity Day, INTERDISCIPLINARY OLYMPIC).

Coordination of Compliance Programs

The state adopted performance framework will be a timely undertaking for any public charter school. IT is full of knowns and unknowns. As a partner with experience specifically in public charter school experience, we can work in partnership to develop strategic systems to maximize organizational compliance, attend compliance training (i.e. testing and accountability) to mentor and teach your leadership team to fulfill communication requirements with the State’s Authorizer.

Strategic and Crisis Management Support

Our team has over a decade of public charter school administrative experience. We have experienced those “what do we do moments.” As a partner, we will spend time each month on campus with you providing assistance on any necessary administrative responsibilities, teaching your leadership team, and work as a team to implement the tenets of your school improvement plan.

Policy and Procedures

Most policies are written after the emergency. Our team will conduct a full 360-degree audit and work in partnership with the board to develop and adopt effective policies that are fair to all constituents. In turn, we will work with the operations team to develop and implement processes and procedures that lead to school culture focused on student safety and a positive learning environment.