District and school administrators with a deep understanding of high-quality instruction can engage an entire educational system in the business of improving achievement — from parents and school boards to principals and teachers.

Leadership coaching also involves conversations about student learning data, goal setting, and practices. It may also involve side-by-side support during leadership events, walkthroughs of classrooms, classroom observations, and analysis of classroom data, or data analysis. Our side-by-side coaching work, we work alongside leaders to help them develop the skills they need to support teachers on the spot.

PinkGrape Consulting offers suggestions, feedback or language leaders can implement immediately, during the work of leading.


  • Clear the decks for the important business at hand: student achievement.
  • Target and align resources around excellent, equitable learning.
  • Build the capacity of the district office and school staff.
  • Develop a common language and common vision around the idea of high-quality instruction.
  • Lead and guide professional development.
  • Identify the systems-level policies, practices, and structures that must change in order for instruction to improve.
  • Implement instructional practice shifts, in particular, those required by the Common Core State Standards.
  • Deepen subject-matter content knowledge and develop effective classroom practices.
  • Align district frameworks, content standards, grade-level expectations and instructional practices.
For Aspiring, Novice and Veteran School Leaders

The Executive Development Program is exceptional in that it is proving highly effective with aspiring, novice and veteran school leaders alike. This is noteworthy, given that many leadership programs focus solely on aspiring or novice principals—leaving the vast majority of districts’ school leaders with “sit-and-go” training that fails to improve their practice. Improving school leadership at scale is impossible without effective training for existing principals as well—and the benefits reverberate throughout school systems:

  • For current principals, PGC training builds on their administrative skills and experience, providing a framework for organizing the many facets of their role and providing a “call to action” to continually drive achievement higher. The Executive Development Program deepens their knowledge, skills, and confidence as strategic thinkers and instructional leaders. Even veteran principals find that participating in the training is incredibly powerful in helping them chart a path toward higher performance in their daily practice.
  • For aspiring leaders, PGC training covers every aspect of what it takes—and what it means—to lead a school to higher performance. This preparation is invaluable in positioning them to move successfully into leadership posts.
  • PinkGrape Consulting can quickly transform school and district culture by providing training to entire school leadership teams including teacher leaders, assistant principals, and principals, as well as district staff. PinkGrape Consulting training of school leaders can break the cycle of failure in persistently low-performing schools and districts and help good schools become great schools.