Life-long learners, real-world experiences, farm to school, constructivism, positive redirection and no-pressure education are building blocks and phrases used to define progressive education. At a second glance, one realizes that global awareness, social and emotional literacy, language acquisition and possibly a few other great ideas that have been forgotten in the original list. The challenge is while exploring these ideas, how much of each will one include in the schools and classroom where we have influence? If learning takes time, as Dr. Kohn states in essays and viral videos, how does a team of educators truly measure its efforts? This must be said in response to that question, this challenge is what keeps education fresh. Life-long learners can simply light the fire of young learners then wait and observe the transformation of the learner.

images-35A few scientists inspire my work with learners; Montessori is among them, for her hardcore scientific approach and documentation of the basics: children will learn everything needed if not discouraged. Although she brings background knowledge, she does not present fancy curriculum, testing modules, or other tools. Tools which often make educators feel safe in their accomplishments and limit learners to an oversimplified interpretation of their own experience. Maria also agrees that learning takes time both in the progressive educator and in the learner.

––– Raquel Paulino, Director,  Little Linguists International Preschool

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