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PinkGrape Consulting (PGC) understands an educated population contributes to a robust economy, healthier communities, and the well-being of individuals. We are sensitive to the teacher and administrative professional development systems and needs, and understand the necessity for better linkages between the educational and workforce development systems. 

Every need is specific to that of the organization. Educators and administrators face challenges in providing quality education across the lifelong learning continuum. Overcoming obstacles to learning and driving positive systemic change to leverage the playing field in education and leadership is our motto. We partner with school leaders, boards and stakeholders to diagnose the root cause of internal and external threats and provide scalable and sustained solutions to identify the cause of problems and implement strategic solution for lasting success.

If you feel there is something blocking your school’s success, but you can’t pinpoint what it is we can help. If your organization struggle to set clear, specific goals that can be easily communicated to your school’s staff and stakeholders we can help. If your school board struggles with its commitment to a vision of high expectations for student achievement we can help. If your district, school, personnel, and community is ready to get over feeling stuck and find a strategic path to way to success then give us a call! We can help!!.